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Garden Watering Installation

Professional guidance during installation of a garden irrigation system ensures concepts turn into reality – reliably.

Access Irrigation work closely with your landscapers to ensure phased installation of your garden irrigation. During the hard landscaping phase of the project, the underground pipework is laid. Later on, when the final levels are known, drip lines and sprinkler systems are installed.

For smaller garden irrigation installations, Access provide a comprehensive instruction manual along with a tool kit containing all the necessary equipment. On larger projects, if required, we will make visits to monitor your progress.

The final testing and commissioning can be undertaken by Access Irrigation’s engineers. Once commissioned, we will make routine service visits.

For projects where the irrigation is being installed into an established garden, Access can provide a complete garden irrigation installation package from initial designs to final commissioning and handover. However, the home owner will need to arrange for the services of a landscaper to remove and backfill the trenches and make good. This service is offered to customers within 65 miles of our premises.

Access Irrigation have over 25 years experience of managing garden watering projects from start to finish, building up formidable experience and expertise in all areas of landscape irrigation installation.