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Drip irrigation for trees is needed due to the high water consumption of the trees and also the high cost of replacement. By ensuring the trees always have an adequate water supply, drought stress is reduced and trees will be able to grow and develop much more quickly. The loss of tree specimens will also be greatly reduced.

To water the trees, a high quality heavy duty commercial drip line with sophisticated nozzle structure and thick 1.2mm pipe wall is used. The drippers are designed to be laid on the surface or sub-surface for reduced visual impact and reduced moisture loss.

Drip irrigation for trees is designed for surface or subsurface use. Nozzles are pressure compensated to ensure uniform output and are self flushing to reduce blockages. In addition the dripper nozzles are non-drain for sloping sites and green roof installations. Soil anchorage pegs are used to keep the drip irrigation line in place as it is coiled around the base of the trunk.

  • 0.15m spacing for green roof irrigation or trees – coil a tail of the dripline around the base of each trunk.

Technical Spec:

  • 16mm diameter brown dripline 1.2mm wall thickness
  • Output: 1.6 l/h
  • Working pressure: 0.5 – 4.0 bar
  • Max lateral length (1.0 bar inlet pressure): 80m
  • Max lateral length (2.0 bar inlet pressure): 92m

Dripline use is normally allowed during a hosepipe ban if the system is operated with a timer – check with you local provider.

Drip irrigation for trees

Drip irrigation for trees with 0.15m spacing and non-drain nozzles

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