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A simple reliable battery operated garden tap timer with a large display and plenty of features. Manual rain over-ride button cancels the days watering. Screws directly to an outdoor garden tap.

Battery operated tap timers are ideal for simple watering systems such as hanging basket watering kits and simple garden border watering kits.

Using the Garden Tap Timer

The water timer fits to a standard outdoor tap. Features up to 4 start times per day. Watering can be programmed for every day; every 2nd or 3rd day day; or for specific days only (eg. Mon, Wed, Fri). Watering time can be set between 1 minute and 12 hours. A clear digital display allows quick and easy programming.

This water timer is designed to be more durable than the cheap watering timers on the market and comes with a three year manufacturer’s warranty. The weather resistant casing is designed for outdoor use and is well sealed to cope with the inclement UK summers. Built in filter.

Up to 4 starts per day 1min – 12hr watering time. Choose which days of the week it waters. Cycling option allows watering up to once every 30 days. Manual over-ride allows additional watering at the touch of a button.

Requires 1 x 9v battery (average life 1 year).

Pressure range: 1 – 8 bar. Max flow: 1,200 l/h

Always protect from frost.

BULK PRICES – available on 4 controllers

Garden Tap Timer

Simple yet reliable tap timer which fits directly onto an outside tap


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