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A high quality heavy duty commercial drip irrigation pipe from Netafim, one of the world’s leading irrigation suppliers. The Unitechline AS has a sophisticated nozzle structure and thick 1.2mm pipe wall. The 0.3m spacing for hedge runs and projects needing a closer spacing.

At one end, the pipes are all connected to a water inlet point. At the other end, each run of drip line is capped off with a flushable end stop. The water supply can be either permanently connected to the bed or a hose can be connected temporarily to water.

When the drip watering pipe is operating, water will slowly drip from each outlet, making it one of the most water efficient irrigation methods available. On the surface the soil will be mainly dry, reducing evaporation and weed growth. Below the surface of the border or flower bed, the water will travel laterally, ensuring there is always water near to each individual plant. In addition, the plant’s root system will actively find the water in the drip irrigation pipe.

Designed for surface or subsurface use of landscaped beds, herbaceous borders and flower beds in commercial landscape settings and private gardens. Drip watering nozzles are pressure compensated to ensure uniform output and are self flushing to reduce blockages. In addition the dripper nozzles are anti – siphon for underground installations.

  • 0.3m spacing for hedge runs, use one line of drip down the length of the hedge.
  • 16mm diameter brown dripline 1.2mm wall thickness
  • Output: 1.6 l/h
  • Working pressure: 0.8 – 3.5 bar

Dripline use is normally allowed during a hosepipe ban if the system is operated with a timer – check with you local provider.

For tree irrigation, use our 0.15m spaced dripline for trees

Netafim Drip Irrigation Pipe

Drip line with close spacing and anti-siphon nozzles

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