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The Automated Equestrian Watering Package is designed to water horse arenas and Ménage (or Manège) areas. The system is designed to damp down the entire arena early in the morning before use.

The horse arena watering system consists of large sprinklers located around the perimeter fencing, pipework and a pump and storage tank. An automatic controller will bring the irrigation system on early in the morning to water the ménage, keeping dust levels down. Systems are available for 20m x 40m; 20m x 60m and 30m x 60m ménages.

Why water an equestrian arena?
Water is the most common method of reducing dust in equestrian arenas according to

When operating, the sprinklers dampen the surface to reduce dust problems for both horse and rider.

The equestrian arena watering packages suit a variety of sizes of horse ménage and are fully automated for ease of use and to minimise the amount of time the arena cannot be used.

The Automated Equestrian Watering Package consists of:

  • Large tank to comply with the Water Regulations
  • Single phase pump unit to provide the appropriate pressure
  • Pipework and valve boxes for perimeter watering
  • Automatic controller with the option of wi-fi connectivity

The system can be installed by a competent handyman. The pump unit is prebuilt but will require an electrician to wire in the pump. For more information download the specification. Price includes delivery but remote areas may be extra. The tank on this system is large and it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure they have suitable offloading facilities eg. forklift and lifting straps. If you wish the tank to be craned off the lorry there is a significant additional charge for this – please call for a quote.

Automated Equestrian Watering Package

Automated menage watering system consisting of large sprinklers located around the perimeter fencing, pump and tank and controller.

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