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The pre-assembled pump unit is prefabricated for easy pump installation the pump and is supplied mounted on a plate and pre-wired with a Genyo auto-start unit and to an isolator switch. The auto-start unit brings the pump on as soon as a drop is pressure is detected. Includes 2m of suction hose with 1” BSPF fittings to connect to an irrigation tank outlet.

Traditionally, installing the pump for the irrigation system was a specialist job requiring plumbing and electrical knowledge. However, with these pre-fabricated pump units it is simply a case of wiring power to the switch, connecting the suction hose to the tank and then the pipe to the outlet.

The prefabricated pump unit can be paired up with any water storage tank that has a 1″ BSPM threaded outlet on it. The pump package can either be used with hand watering systems or with irrigation systems that have an automated irrigation controller.

Suitable for Lowara horizontal pumps – pump NOT included and needs to be ordered separately, but when ordered together the pump and the rest of the equipment will be pre-assembled onto the sled and tested prior to despatch.

Once this pre-assembled pump unit and the pump have been ordered, please allow 5-10 working days for assembly and testing.

Pre-assembled pump unit

Pre-assembled pump unit for simpler pump installation

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