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Popup sprinklers for Bowling Greens are the most effective and least labour intensive method of watering a bowling green. The irrigation automatically takes place early in the morning when evaporation rates are low and there is no-one around. The water has all been absorbed before play begins.

For the best results with the minimum of effort an automated popup sprinkler system can be installed. This package includes 4 popup sprinklers, each one located half way down the side of the  green, pipework that is located in the roll off gutter and a pump, tank and automatic controller.

As the sprinklers need a high pressure and large flow a water storage tank is included which will fill up from the water mains. A multi stage pump will then pressurise the water to allow the sprinklers to cover the bowling green. An automatic irrigation controller will bring the watering on early in the morning and has a rain sensor over-ride to ensure watering does not take place after it has rained.

For ease of installation the pipework is designed to be trenched into the roll off gutter. At each sprinkler location a high quality valve-in-head sprinkler is operated by the control panel. The pump assembly will be pre-assembled and tested in our factory to make installation easier and the sprinklers and swing joints are all pre-assembled for easier installation into the supply pipe.

Two options are available either for a 40m x 40m green or a 40m x 30m green

The package is designed for installation by someone with competent DIY skills. The Popup sprinklers for Bowling Greens includes:

  • 5,000 litre irrigation storage tank with mains water connection
  • Water Regulation compliance kit
  • Multi-stage stainless steel pump with auto-start, pre-assembled and tested
  • Irrigation controller with rain sensor
  • Pipework from pump to green with necessary fittings
  • 4 RainBird 952E sprinklers (2 RainBird and 2 Hunter on 40m x 30m)

The system requires a minimum flow to the tank of 600 l/h and single-phase power for the pump and also the controller. Supplied with plans and instructions for installation.

Price includes delivery but remote areas may be extra. The tank on this system is large and it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure they have suitable offloading facilities eg. forklift and lifting straps. If you wish the tank to be craned off the lorry there is a significant additional charge for this – please call for a quote.

Popup sprinkler package for Bowling Greens

Bowling green watering package with popup sprinklers designed for self installation.

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