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The ménage temporary watering kit is designed to water horse manège (or ménage) arenas to reduce dust problems, this temporary system will water at night and is designed to operate from a good mains water supply.

Why water a horse ménage?
Dust suppression systems improve the quality of the air breathed by the horse and rider and ensure the surface does not dry out. Horse activity disturbs not just dust, but bacteria and viruses and can contribute to health problems for rider and horse alike.

In addition, very dry sand can make the surface more difficult to ride on as the sand will slip more easily – rather like walking on the beach above the high tide line. Water from sprinklers will help the sand to bind together, providing a firmer surface.

It is important that the surface has a consistent firmness throughout the whole arena. The Access temporary watering system used high quality commercial sprinklers to ensure even distribution of the water over the entire area. In addition, the precipitation rate from the sprinklers is low, so panning and crusting of the surface, and water run-off are minimised.

Ménage temporary watering kit contents
The ménage temporary watering kit includes sprinklers, hose, a battery timer to allow night time operation and a heavy duty hose trolley. The sprinklers are placed on the ménage in the evening and connected to the timer, which is itself connected to the tap.

Two packages are available; a 4 sprinkler system for 20m x 40m manèges and a 6 sprinkler system for 20m x 60m manège . The larger package can also be used on 30m x 60m arenas watering the whole area over two nights.

The 4 sprinkler system requires a flow of 1,000 l/h @2.5 bar pressure and the 6 sprinkler system requires a flow of 1,000 l/h at 2.7 bar. If the existing water supply is not sufficient, we can offer a pressure booster set.

Ménage Temporary Watering Kit

Sprinkler system for suppressing dust on horse arenas and manèges. Consists of sprinklers, hose, automatic timer and heavy duty trolley.

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