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Designed for cricket clubs on a budget, this temporary cricket square watering package is designed to run from the mains water supply and water the entire 30m x 30m cricket square over 3 nights.

In very dry weather, cricket squares require additional watering to ensure the surface remains playable and can recover from wear and tear of matches. As the irrigation system will not be used very often, a temporary system makes perfect sense for the smaller club.

The watering package consists of 3 sprinklers which will water a 30m x 10m strip each night, a battery timer to automate the watering, hose to run to the tap on the edge of the cricket pitch (up to 100m from the square) and a hose trolley. Each afternoon the sprinklers can be set up and connected to the water supply. The timer can be preset to bring the sprinklers on during the night when the evaporation rates are at their lowest, allowing full use of the pitch during the day.

The temporary cricket square watering system consists of:

  • Heavy duty steel hose trolley
  • High quality Tricoflex hose
  • Battery operated timer
  • 3 sled risers with Naan 5022U sprinklers.

The system requires a minimum flow of 360 l/h at a pressure of 3 bar at the tap.

Temporary cricket square watering package

Temporary sprinklers system for watering 30m x 30m cricket squares. Designed to run from the mains water supply.

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