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The Naan 5022U sprinkler has a low precipitation rate and wide spacing. This sprinkler has a unique nozzle design for greater uniformity. Ideal for mounting on sprinkler risers or sled sprinkler risers to water large areas. Ideal for field use or turn watering.

The Naan 5022U sprinkler is a high-performance irrigation tool designed for efficient and uniform water distribution. With a durable construction, this sprinkler ensures reliable operation in various landscape and agricultural settings. Its innovative design and technology make it a trusted choice for nurserymen and landscaper seeking precision and effectiveness in crop irrigation.

Naan Irrigation is a prominent player in the irrigation industry, renowned for its cutting-edge irrigation solutions. Specializing in sprinklers and other irrigation technologies, Naan strives to enhance agricultural productivity and conserve water resources. Their products include innovative sprinkler systems that ensure precise and uniform water distribution, catering to the specific needs of crops. Naan Irrigation’s commitment to efficiency, sustainability, and technological advancement has positioned them as a leader in the irrigation sector. Farmers globally trust Naan’s solutions to optimize water usage, promote crop health, and contribute to sustainable agricultural practices.

Naan 5022U sprinkler technical specification:
Inlet: 1/2″ BSPM
Spacing (m): 9×10; 10×10; 9×12 at 2.5 bar (10×12; 12×12 spacing with a higher pressure)
Output @ 2.5 bar: 360l/h
Pressure range: 2 – 4 bar
Diameter: 19m 

Naan 5022U sprinkler

Economical sprinkler for field or sports pitch watering

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