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Use this 1.05m high large metal spiked riser on grass or soil to water when temporary irrigation is required. In very hot weather, additional watering may be needed to prevent the ground from drying out.

The metal spiker riser has a pass through tee design to enable the sprinklers to be daisy chained together in a run. Simply connect an inlet hose to one side and then on the outlet, connect another hose to go off to the next sprinkler in the run. Use geka blanking cap fitting at the end of each run.

The sturdy metal riser is manufactured using heavy duty galvanised steel tube welded to a galvanised tee. The spike is very sturdy and will easily push into compacted earth to keep the sprinkler stable. The riser includes geka fittings , connect hose with geka hosetails. The riser pipe has a 1/2″ BSPM thread to accept a variety of sprinkler nozzles.

Large Metal Spiked Riser available 1.05m high.

Choose an adaptor to allow the use of different sprinklers, or choose the Naan 501 sprinkler option (adaptor included). This  is a highly economical sprinkler with a low precipitation rate with a turbo hammer operation, and a 14.5-15m diameter.

No adaptor – allows use of Naan 501 and Rotoframe
FPTS2 Threaded socket – allows connection of large sprinklers that have 1/2″ BSPM thread
KECP2 1/2″ cap female outlet – allows connection of sprinklers with Eindor taper


Large Metal Spiked Riser

Very sturdy riser for grass or soil areas

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