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Jubilee Hose Clips are designs to secure flexible hose pipe to fittings such as Geka style hose connectors or brass threaded fittings.

Zinc plated genuine Jubilee hose clips. These hose clips are excellent quality and are well engineered, bearing the BSI kitemark. The zinc plating is NSS salt tested to ensure it will give an extremely long life under normal operating conditions. The smooth inside profile of the band and rolled edges give protection for all types of hoses including soft hoses made from rubber or silicone.

Jubilee is the most famous hose clip brand and their name has become synonymous with hose clips, in fact people often refer to them as ‘Jubilee clips’. Jubilee have been manufacturing the hose clamps since 1921 and are based in Gillingham, Kent.

Why use a Jubilee Hose Clip?
Hosepipe is very flexible and becomes softer when it is warm. When the hose is under pressure, or if the hose is pulled, without a hose clip the hose will easily come off the hose fitting, or it may leak.

How does a Hose clip work?
Hose clips – or hose clamps as they are also known, are pushed over the hose before the fitting is pushed into the hosepipe. On the outside of the metal ring is are a series of ridges and on the top is a worm drive. As the worm drive is turned, it pulls the metal ring tighter around the hose. When tight, it makes it impossible for the hose to come off the fitting. With plastic fittings it is important not to over-tighten the worm drive, as the force could crack the fitting inside the hose.

Jubilee Hose Clips are available in sizes:
Range 13-20mm to fit Hose Size 1/2″ (12mm)
Range 18-25mm to fit Hose Size 3/4″ (19mm)
Range 25-35mm to fit Hose Size 1″ (25mm)
Range 35-50mm to fit Hose Size 1.25″ – 1.5″ (30-35mm)
Range 50-70mm to fit Hose Size 2″ (50mm)

Note: Hose pipe is measured with its internal diameter (ID). Hose clips are sized on the outside diameter (OD)

BULK PRICES – available on bags of 25

Jubilee Hose Clips

Zinc plated genuine Jubilee hose clips for superior performance


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