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Geka’ blanking cap for capping off unused geka fittings. Prevents dirt ingress. Solid brass.

Geka is a German manufacturer of high quality metal hose fittings for use in horticulture and agriculture. The ‘Geka’ name has become synonymous with these fittings, even though most supplies are not in fact manufactured by Geka themselves. The Geka bayonet or ‘claw’ system is used extensively in Nurseries and Garden Centres to join hoses together.

Geka hose fittings are renowned for their robustness and versatility in fluid transfer applications. Crafted with precision engineering, these fittings offer leak-free connections and easy handling, enhancing efficiency in irrigation, gardening, and industrial settings. Their distinctive design includes a serrated collar and a bayonet-style coupling mechanism, ensuring a secure attachment with minimal effort. Geka fittings accommodate various hose diameters and materials, providing compatibility across a wide range of systems. Whether in agriculture, landscaping, or commercial sectors, Geka hose fittings excel in durability and functionality, making them a trusted choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike in fluid management solutions.

These brass Geka type hose fittings are designed to fit with Geka brand fittings. Genuine Geka fittings are available on request.

BULK PRICES -Geka Blanking Cap is available on packs of 20

Geka Blanking Cap

Geka’ blanking cap for capping off outlet sides of the final sprinkler riser


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