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Brass Female BSPF ‘Geka’ style female threaded BSPF fitting. Geka style fittings have a universal claw connector (also known as a bayonet) which allows different types of gekas to be connected together. The thread on the other side of the fitting is British Standard Pipe Female thread (BSPF).

Mainly used in commercial horticulture, they are the standard method of connecting hose pipes together. Manufactured from brass to ensure durability in the harsh environment of commercial plant nurseries and garden centres, the brass hose tails are pushed into the cut end of the hose and then secured on the outside with a metal hose clip.

The Geka design has the advantage that there is no restriction on the flow as the water passes through the hose fitting, making ideal for long hose runs or where sprinklers are daisy-chained together with hosepipe. Hoses up to 1 1/4″ diameter can be connected together using the Geka system. Hosetails, male threaded fittings and female threaded fittings are all available.

The Geka design was patented in 1932 in Stuttgart-Gablenberg by Mr Julius Oehler and used a bayonet design with no moving parts to achieve connection between hoses. A quarter turn of the fitting is enough to fit and remove the connectors.

Our brass Geka stle fittings are compatible with genuine Geka hose fittings – genuine Geka brand fittings are available on request.

Brass Female BSPF Geka available with thread sizes 1/2″, 3/4″, 7/8″ and 1″.

BULK PRICES – available on  packs of 20 gekas


Brass Female BSPF Geka

Brass ‘geka’ fitting to female thread


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