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Use this riser on concrete or soil. Includes geka fittings, connect hose with geka hosetails. Use geka blanking cap fitting at the end of each run.

Has a 3/4″ BSPM thread on riser. Height of riser is 0.36m.

Choose an adaptor to allow the use of different sprinklers, or choose the Naan 501 sprinkler option (adaptor included). This  is a highly economical sprinkler with a low precipitation rate with a turbo hammer operation, and a 14.5-15m diameter.

FPTI2-3 Threaded increasing piece – allows use of Naan 501 and Rotoframe
FPTS3-2 Threaded reducing socket – allows connection of large sprinklers that have 1/2″ BSPM thread
KECP3 3/4″ Cap female outlet – allows connection of sprinklers with Eindor taper


Sled Riser

Moveable metal riser for hard standing or freshly turfed areas

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From:   £58.80 (inc VAT)

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