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This stock bed watering kit is a low cost watering system is ideal for economically watering large standing out beds and container-grown hardy nursery stock.

Standing out beds are time consuming to water and unless the person watering is experience, water application can be uneven. With wage costs always increasing, an automated watering system for plant nursery stock bed and standing out areas can pay for themselves in a very short period of time. If an irrigation timer is added, watering can take place early in the morning when evaporation levels are low and staff are not present.

The stock bed watering kit will water an area up to 120 square metres (30m x 4m) and has sprinkler nozzles to suit 2m, 3m and 4m bed widths. Each stake set includes a riser pipe, fittings and straps to fit to customers own stake (25mm square is ideal).

For more information on stock bed watering and container-grown hardy nursery stock take a look at the AHDB hardy nursery stock factsheet.

Stock bed watering kit includes: 10 risers, 3 sets of sprinklers (for bed width up to 2m, 3m or 4m), 50m of 20mm pipe, fittings for end or centre feed and geka entry connector.

Sprinkler spacing:

KE070 – 2m bed with – 1.8m between nozzles – max bed length: 18m
KE070 – 3m bed with – 2.5m between nozzles – max bed length: 25m
KE070 – 4m bed with – 3.0m between nozzles – max bed length: 30m

Requires 3mm hole punch

Stock Bed Watering Kit

Kit for low cost watering of standing out areas

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