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The Decoder for Hunter HCC controller fits to Hunter HCC controllers converted to the 2-wire decoder system.  Two wire systems have the advantage that valves can be added to the cable anywhere along the line without the need for spare cores to be available. One Decoder for Hunter HCC controller is required for each solenoid valve.

Irrigation decoder systems represent advanced technology in water management for landscaping. These systems use digital decoders to control and automate individual irrigation zones, offering precise and programmable water distribution. With the ability to remotely manage and adjust watering schedules, they enhance efficiency and reduce water wastage. Irrigation decoder systems are especially valuable in large-scale landscapes, agricultural fields, and sports fields where precise control over watering patterns is essential for maintaining healthy vegetation while conserving water resources.

Hunter Irrigation is a renowned name in the irrigation industry, known for its innovative and reliable irrigation solutions. Their products encompass a wide range of sprinklers, controllers, and valves designed for efficient and precise water distribution. Hunter’s irrigation systems are celebrated for their durability, advanced technology, and user-friendly features. With a commitment to sustainable water use, Hunter Irrigation contributes to the optimization of landscape irrigation, providing solutions that cater to the diverse needs of residential, commercial, and agricultural settings.

Decoder for Hunter HCC controller

Required for each solenoid connected to Hunter HCC controllers converted to the 2-wire decoder system.

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