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The Hunter Node Soil Probe measures moisture in the soil and stops watering once the soil reaches the desired moisture level. By recording the soil moisture level at the actual root zone of the plants, watering can be adjusted to give the optimum growing conditions for the planting in the plant border.

Designed for the Hunter Node BT controller, the soil sensor simplifies soil moisture sensing. The probe uses proven technology to measure moisture within the root zone. When the probe senses that the soil has reached its desired moisture level, it will shut down irrigation, preventing water waste.

The Hunter Node Soil Probe has a moisture sensor probe, which is placed in the soil, and is wired to the Node controller. The probe is easy to install – simply bury it to the correct root depth for your plant material. It can be placed up to 300 metres from the controller. Easy operation allows adjustments to the desired moisture level within the Node app on your smartphone, with an immediate update of actual measurements. The scale is 0-100 with 0 being very dry and 100 being very wet. Monitor the soil over a few days to find the perfect balance. The current moisture level reading displayed in the app aids in finding the balance and is accurate at the time of refreshing for an update.

For more information regarding fitting the probe to the Node controller, check out Hunter Industries instruction page.

Hunter Node Soil Probe

The soil sensor fits to the Hunter Node BT valve box controllers to allow soil moisture sensing.

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