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The invisible but gentle border watering kit.

Conventional border sprinkler or drip kits have unsightly pipework laid on the bed, spoiling the enjoyment of the plants. Most border sprinkler kits are fitted to the centre of the bed, where foliage easily obscures the spray. By putting the sprinklers at the front of the bed and burying them, both problems are solved. The system uses pop-up sprinklers that rise 300mm out of the ground when watering, lifting the spray over the foliage. The sprinkler nozzles provide a very fine spray, so delicate plants are not damaged.

The kit will water a bed 15m long and 2.5m wide. A single trench along the front of the bed contains all of the pipe and the sprinklers, eliminating unsightly pipework on the bed.

Fits to a garden hose or a tap. For automated watering fit a tap timer or connect to an underground valve box.

Package includes: 25m underground pipe, 5 sets of 300mm popup sprinklers, tap connector.

Minimum pressure: 2.1 bar. Requires DB valve to comply with domestic Water Regulations

Pop-up Border Spray Kit

Gentle sprinkler system for planted borders.

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