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The Underground Irrigation Valves (Battery) kit contains a valve manifold and valve box to operate an irrigation system using a battery operated watering controller. The controller can be located in the valve box itself using waterproof irrigation controllers such as the Galcon DC series or the Hunter Note BT controller. Alternatively, a wall mounted battery controller such as the Hunter XC Hybrid controller can be used and a multi-core signal cable used to bring the 9v DC signal from the controller to the irrigation valve box. This makes operation of the control panel easier and also allows several valve boxes to be controlled from a single XC controller.

Locating the irrigation valves in and underground chamber provides a neat solution for garden watering, with all of the unsightly valves and pipes hidden from view. With a green lid, the irrigation valve box can be located either in the lawn are or in a flower bed.

A pressurised water supply is required to the Underground Irrigation Valves (Battery) kit. The solenoid valves are suitable for battery operated controllers using 9v latching valves (CONTROLLER NOT INCLUDED). Inlet and outlet fittings are 1″ BSPF.

To programme the controller the lid can be lifted and the controller removed.

Carson valve box dimensions 38cm x 25cm (lid) x 30cm high. Water Regulations stipulate that for above ground drip or sprinkler systems in domestic gardens, the irrigation system must be protected by a DB valve. The master valve kit provides the DB valve, master solenoid valve and riser pipe.

Underground Irrigation Valves (Battery)

Valve box with battery operated valves to provide automated irrigation for up to 4 separate zones.

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