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The Galcon multi zone irrigation controller is a commercial grade multi zone (operates up to 4 valves) battery operated irrigation controller can be tap mounted or fitted into an underground chamber.

The irrigation controller is ideal for projects that need a number of irrigation zones, but where mains power is not readily available. The irrigation controller is also waterproof, so is ideal for an underground valve box, making them ideal for use in remote valve boxes in parks, landscaped areas and private gardens.

About Galcon
Galcon is a world-class producer of computerized irrigation systems and controllers, as well as control systems for use in home gardens, professional and municipal gardening and agriculture. During nearly 40 years of operation, Galcon has conducted research in the field, in company laboratories and in external laboratories to continually push the limits of technological advancements. Thanks to the reliability and durability of their products in all weather conditions, they have gained worldwide recognition. They are well-known as the primary supplier of irrigation controllers, and are constantly at the forefront of development and innovation in their field.

Galcon multi zone irrigation controller specification

    • Up to 4 starts per day
    • Daily schedule – days to water can be selected
    • Watering time: 1min – 12hr watering time
    • Operates up to 4 irrigation zones
    • Waterproof IP68 rated case
    • Seasonal Adjust function.
    • Rain sensor input.
    • Requires 1 x 9v battery (average life 1 year).

The wires for each solenoid need to be crimped to the wires on the solenoid valves with grease filled crimps for a reliable, waterproof connection. The cable tails to the solenoids are 80cm long and cannot be extended. A 9v solenoid valve is also needed for each zone, these are ordered separately.

Galcon Multi Zone Irrigation Controller

Commercial quality fully waterproof multi-zone controller

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