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Multi-core Irrigation signal cable 0.8mm low voltage cable designed to connect mains powered controllers to solenoid valves. Grease filled connectors are recommended to connect the multi-core cable to the solenoid cable. An extra core is required to form a ‘common return’ or common wire, so a 4 core cable will operate 3 valves and a 6 core cable 5 valves.

Wiring an irrigation solenoid valve is a crucial step in setting up an automated irrigation system. The solenoid valve controls the flow of water to specific zones in the system. To wire it, follow these steps:

  1. Turn off the system: Ensure the irrigation system is powered off to avoid electrical mishaps.
  2. Identify wires: Typically, you’ll have common (C), zone wires (usually labelled 1, 2, etc.), and a master valve wire (if applicable).
  3. Connect wires: Match the common wire to the C terminal on the controller and zone wires to their respective zones. Connect the master valve wire if needed.
  4. Test: Turn the system on and verify that the solenoid valve operates correctly. Proper wiring ensures precise and automated water distribution in your irrigation system

A common wire, labelled as ‘C,’ is essential in irrigation systems. It acts as the return path for electrical current, completing the circuit. Each solenoid valve’s common wire connects to the ‘C’ terminal on the controller. This wiring method allows for individual zone control, ensuring precise and efficient water distribution in an automated irrigation system.

Multi-core irrigation signal cable technical data
  • 0.8mm cable suitable for 9v and 24v solenoid valves
  • Available in 4, 6 and 12 cores.
  • Available in 10m and 100m coils
  • If multiple 10m lengths are ordered, these will be supplied as a single coil

Multi Core Irrigation Signal Cable

Low voltage cable to connect control panels to solenoid valves

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