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Hunter MP1000 Rotator Pop-up Sprinklers are ideal for watering smaller garden areas with complex shapes. Unlike rotor sprinklers, on the standard MP rotator range the precipitation rate is always the same regardless of the sprinkler diameter or arc. This produces much more even watering.

The MP1000 rotators also have a very low precipitation rate, the standard range has a rate of just 10mm/hr. This makes them much more water efficient and also means that run-off is minimised, preserving the soil structure.

About the Hunter MP Rotator Pop-up Sprinklers
Hunter’s MP1000 Rotator is a revolutionary alternative to traditional sprinkler heads and pop up sprinkler heads that spray the landscape. MP Rotator nozzles feature unique, multi-trajectory rotating streams that deliver water at a steady rate. This slower application rate allows water to gently soak in at rates that soils can absorb. Use the MP Rotator to replace the sprinkler head on any conventional spray head body or pop up sprinkler for water savings of up to 30%.

Selecting the Hunter MP1000 Rotator Pop-up Sprinklers
Unlike rotor sprinklers, a pop-up body and nozzles need to be ordered separately. There are a number of nozzles based on the radius. Within that model range there will then be a selection of full circle and part circle models:

Radius: 3.7-4.5m Operating pressure 1.75 – 3.75 bar (3.75 bar pressure required to operate at maximum radius).

KHMP1A Arc 90-210 degrees Max Flow 113l/h (Maroon)
KHMP1B Arc 210-270 degrees Max Flow 150l/h (Light blue)
KHMP1C Arc 360 degrees Max Flow 195l/h (Olive)
KHMP1D Arc 45-105 degrees Max Flow 120l/h (Turquoise)

Hunter MP1000 Rotator Nozzles 3.5m – 4.5m Radius

Hunter MP 1000 nozzles for highly efficient watering

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