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The adjuster tool for MP rotator nozzles allows easy adjustment of the Hunter MP Rotator sprinkler head. The tool can be used to adjust the watering arc and also the watered radius of the sprinkler.

Arc Adjustment

  1. Install the MP Rotator with the Left Edge Indicator pointing to the left side of the desired watering pattern.
  2. With the MP Rotator operating and in the pop-up position, rotate the Arc Adjustment Ring. Turning the Arc Adjustment Ring clockwise will increase the arc, counter clockwise will decrease the arc

Radius Adjustment

Factory setting is for full radius, and the radius can be reduced by 25%. With the MP Rotator tool or a small flat bladed screwdriver, rotate the Radius Adjustment Screw:

  • Clockwise (4 full turns) to decrease the radius
  • Counter-clockwise (4 full turns) to increase the radius
  • Note: Radius reduction is intentionally limited by a slip clutch mechanism to ensure reliable rotation. To prevent damage during adjustment, the MP Rotator does not completely shut off like a spray nozzle. To achieve maximum radius reduction with any MP Rotator model use a 30 PSI (2 BAR) regulating spray body.

The adjuster tool for MP rotator nozzles is manufactured by Hunter Industries. Hunter Industries is a well-established company specializing in irrigation solutions. Founded in 1981, Hunter is renowned for its high-quality irrigation products, including pop-up sprinklers, valves, controllers, and drip irrigation systems. They are known for innovation and sustainability, offering water-efficient technologies to meet the needs of residential, commercial, and agricultural applications. With a global presence, Hunter continues to be a trusted provider of irrigation solutions, helping conserve water while ensuring healthy landscapes.

Adjuster Tool for MP Rotator Nozzles

Adjuster key for Hunter MP rotator nozzles

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