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Green Irrigation

Both plants and water are precious resources that need to be used wisely when helping produce a more sustainable future.

For plants, water is essential to life, and it is vital to consider how the plants will be watered during the lifetime of the building. The un-natural environment they are placed in means that some sort of green irrigation system is essential for even the hardiest of plants.

Having worked with some of the leading architects and roof companies, Access is able to provide advice as to the most effective methods of ensuring that green roofs and walls become one of a building’s sustainable legacies, encouraging biodiversity and improving insulation.

With plants increasingly used in various aspects of building design, it is vital that they are able to get the water they require, but this is not always easy. Our green irrigation systems can use harvested rainwater and built-in pipes to supply water to green roofs, green walls, and other hard to access areas – even vertical surfaces.

Extensive Green Roof Irrigation

“Living Roofs can deliver benefits throughout the city for individuals and for society as a whole, by creating new outdoor spaces...
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Intensive Green Roof Irrigation

Intensive green roof systems provide many benefits, but due to their exposed positions & shallow root zones, you need to...
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Green Wall Irrigation

The drive to make our urban spaces greener has led to planting schemes in more unusual locations, such as vertical...
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Natural Water Sources

With water from the public mains becoming increasingly expensive, supplying irrigation from natural sources of water, such as bore holes, wells,...
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