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Sports Irrigation

Many hours are spent ensuring that recreational sports pitches are maintained to the highest standards, but their large areas make it impossible to keep them watered without an irrigation system of some kind.

Access Irrigation provide a range of solutions from hand moved sprinkler sets through to travelling sprinklers which will water half of the pitch at a time. Pumps and water storage tanks can also be provided to ensure an adequate water flow and pressure.

An automated sports pitch irrigation system will consist of a water storage tank and pump; control systems; pipework to the pitch and travelling sprinklers or reel irrigators.

For clubs and schools with multiple sports pitches, the pump, tank and control equipment can operate irrigation systems for a number of pitches.

For clubs and schools on a smaller budget, a series of sprinklers can be run across the width of the pitch and moved by hand down the length of the field. The system can either be run from a good mains water supply or include a water storage tank and pump.

Please note: we offer a design and supply service but do not offer an installation service with sports pitch irrigation.

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