Battery Operated Bluetooth Controllers

April 14, 2016 5:23 pm

One of the neatest ways of installing an irrigation system is to locate all of the control valves in underground chambers. Not only does this hide away all of the messy control valves, but it prevents unauthorised tampering with the control equipment. The only problem with this solution is when you do want to change the watering times, you have to grovel in the underground chamber.

To solve this problem, a fully waterproof Bluetooth irrigation controller is now available in the UK. The controller itself is IP68 rated, so it is designed to be fully immersed in water and will control up to 4 solenoid valves, plus a master vale and a rain sensor.

The app itself will store the details of up to 200 controllers, as well as manually start, stop or suspend the controller from up to 10m away. For extra security a passcode can be added.

To make installation simple, Access Irrigation also produce valve box kits which include a valve box and also 2 or 4 irrigation valves. These are designed to be buried in the garden, with an underground supply pipe bringing water to the valve box and then underground pipes going from the control valves to the various areas to be watered. In ‘Home Gardens’ a DB valve kit is available to comply with the Water Regulations; this connects via the master valve of the controller.

For very simple systems, Access also produce a Bluetooth tap timer, which can be operated from an app.

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