New Hunter MP Rotator Sprinklers

March 14, 2016 5:22 pm

Hunter MP rotator sprinklers provide flexible watering for small lawns. One of the problems with rotor sprinklers is that if the arc is halved, the mpecipitation rate is effectively doubled. This leads to very uneven watering. In contrast the MP (matched precipitation) nozzles ensure that if the arc is reduced, so is the flow of water.

Hunter Industries have launced a new short radius nozzle and also a longer range nozzle which will cover up to 10.7m radius. The short radius 800 series are designed for lawn coverage of between 2.6m and 3.0m, making them ideal of UK sized domestic gardens. There are two nozzles in the MP800 range, the Orange/Grey nozzle will cover arcs from 90 degrees to 210 degrees, and the Lime Green will cover a full circle. Both nozzles will operate at pressures between 1.7 bar and 3.8 bar.

At the top end of the range the MP3500 sprinkler will cover a radius between 9.4m and 10.7m. At present only one colour is available, the Light Brown option which will cover an arc between 90 degrees and 270 degrees. With an output of 900 l/h a very good mains pressure and flow are needed, or the sprinkler needs to operate from a pump and storage tank.

As well as new nozzles, Hunter are also offering a new ‘Pro’ body. This features a heavier duty spring and a 5 year warranty. It also features a check valve, which is ideal for sites with changes in elevation. With the Pro body, the sprinkler output is regulated to 2.8 bar.

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