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Medium duty red Red Steel Hose Trolley is powder coated welded steel hose trolley with a rewindable reel and brass inlet hose connector.

Ideal for medium duty tasks such as large private gardens and small parks where the hose trolley is used regularly for hand watering. Ideal where there are multiple stand pipes, the hose trolley can be moved from place to place to aid hand watering.

Medium duty red Red Steel Hose Trolley EHRC3 takes 50m 3/4″ hose pipe and comes with 3/4″ hose tail connection and comes with solid rubber coated wheels.

The manufacturer states the hose capacity at 100m but we only recommend 50m maximum. NOT suitable for sports use. Water is heavy, remove the end fitting from the hose to allow the water to run out before winding the reel and moving the trolley, otherwise the axles may be damaged.

Red Steel Hose Trolley

Welded steel frame portable hose reel for 3/4″ hose

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