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This Metal Softrain Watering Lance provides gentle hand watering for plant nurseries, market gardens and garden centres. The all metal design provides a sturdy lance and 3 different lance lengths suit a variety of applications.

Unlike spray guns, a watering lance will provide high water flows to enable quick watering, but without the high velocity jet of water that will damage the plants hence the term ‘softrain’. If you watch a professional grower hand watering, they will invariably use a watering lance, and the chances are it will be a Geka lance. The 3 lance lengths give plenty of options with the 60cm lance the most popular. The 90cm lance is ideal for wider beds where more reach is needed. The 40cm lance is good where space is restricted.

The metal softrain watering lance has an aluminium shaft and comes complete with brass on-off valve with a 1/4 turn action for quick operation. The large alloy rose is made from pressed aluminium with a metal rose. The connection is for a ‘geka’ hose fitting. Manufactured by Geka in Germany since 1958. Available in 3 lengths: 40cm, 60cm, 90cm.

Rose provides an output of 3,060 l/h at 6 bar pressure – ideal for Nursery and Garden Centre applications. For domestic gardens the professional hand watering lance with low flow rose is more suitable.

Metal Softrain Watering Lance

Quality watering lance for hand watering in nurseries and garden centres

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