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The Amiad Tagline Screen Filter is a fine screen filter suitable for sprinkler or drip systems operating on a clean water supply. Twin pressure gauge ports on the 1.5″ and 2″ models allow pressure gauges to be fitted to monitor the pressure differential and indicate when the filter screen needs to be cleaned. Filter is washable. Filter size 0.13mm.

Tagline filters are high quality all plastic agricultural irrigation filters with screen or disc elements for a wide range of applications. The Tagline filters are made from high quality engineered plastic materials providing excellent mechanical strength, durability and ease of installation.

It is recommended that a valve is installed either side of the filter to allow easy isolation of the screen filter for cleaning.

For dirtier water applications such as rivers or lakes, use a disc filter to provide a greater filtration area.

Amiad Water Systems is a world leader in water treatment and filtration solutions, and for 60 years has devoted its passion and commitment to developing a comprehensive line of water filtration systems for applications in the irrigation and industrial markets.

Amiad Tagline Screen Filter technical specification:

  • 3/4M” (max flow 3 m3/h)
  • 1″M (max flow 7 m3/h)
  • 1.5″M (max flow 15 m3/h)
  • 2″M (max flow 25 m3/h)


Amiad Tagline Screen Filter

These Amiad Tagline screen filters ensure small particles are removed from relatively clean water sources – protecting the irrigation system

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