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The Amiad semi-automatic filter 2″ (max flow 40 m3/h), with built-in cleaning nozzles for fast and effective filter cleaning. This Amiad filter is ideal for dirtier water supplies such as lakes and rivers where regular cleaning of the filter is required. It is an ideal addition to the Lake and River Pump package.

Integrated clogging meter automatically indicates when cleaning is required. Plastic ribbed filter body with stainless steel ‘weave-wire’ with a large filtration capacity. Amiad’s unique Scanaway semi-automatic filters providing a quick and efficient way to clean your filter with a simple turn of the handle.

  • No interruption of the process water flow during cleaning
  • Clogging indicator to show when cleaning is required
  • Low pressure loss

How the Clogging Indicator Works
The Clogging Indicator is a special feature mounted on the filter pressure check points and acts like a “traffic light”. When the pressure differential across the screen reaches a pre-set value of 0.5 bar (7 psi), the red button of the Clogging Indicator pops up to visually indicate that the filter needs to be cleaned.

How the Scanaway Assembly Works
The Scanaway assembly consists of a suction-scanner and a hollow pipe with suction nozzles that face the inner side of the screen. Outside the filter, a handle is connected to the suction-scanner, allowing turning of the scanner in a spiral movement so it rotates inside the screen surface without touching the screen mesh. Opening the exhaust valve at the filter lid creates low pressure conditions in the suction-scanner, which causes the scanner nozzles to suck in the dirt particles from the screen surface and expel the dislodged particles out through the exhaust valve. Scanning is done during the filtration process without interrupting the flow of process water through the filter.

The Amiad semi-automatic filter is manufactured by Amiad Water Systems one of the world’s leading filtration specialists.



Amiad semi-automatic filter

2″ High flow filter with flushing handle for easy cleaning

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