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A buffer vessel is included in the system to protects auto start pumps from damage if there are slight leaks in the pipework. This plastic bodied mechanical pressure vessel needs no maintenance and suitable for outdoor use.

The benefits of a pressure vessel

An auto-start irrigation pump works by detecting a drop in pressure and then bringing on the pump – typically this would be due to a solenoid valve or a tap being opened – there is a demand for water, the pressure drops and then the pump automatically comes on to supply pressurised water into the system. However, if there are small leaks in the system, the pressure in the pipes will drop and the pump will come on; however, as there is no actual demand for water the pump will only run for a few seconds and switch off – depending on the severity of the leak this may happen a number of times and our, 24 hours a day, shortening the life of the pump considerably.

To protect the pump either a small pressure vessel or a mechanical buffer vessel are installed into the line. The mechanical buffer vessel has a powerful spring inside which expands slowly as the water drips away, maintaining pressure for longer and reducing the on / off cycling of the pump. For larger leaks, or where hand watering takes place using the pump, a pressure vessel is recommended.

1″ BSPM thread buffer vessel.

Use tee with 1″ female branch to fit into 32mm pipe or use a manifold tee piece to fit the buffer vessel into the pump outlet pipework.

Buffer Vessel

Mechanical buffer vessel designed to prevent damage to auto-start pumps

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