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Pump Suction Hose is available in two diameters and two lengths – 5m and 30m. If multiples of the 5m length are ordered, it will be supplied as a single length. Suction hose fittings will be required at each end of the plain suction hose.

1″ suction hose available in either 5m or 25m lengths.

2″ suction hose available in either 5m or 30m lengths.

1″ suction hose is also available in a 1m length with pre-assembled 1″ BSPF fittings at each end

Pump suction hoses play a vital role in irrigation systems powered by pumps. These flexible hoses are designed for drawing water from a water source, such as a pond, lake, or reservoir, to supply irrigation systems. They have a reinforced structure to withstand vacuum pressure, and their smooth inner lining ensures efficient water flow. Suction hoses come in various sizes and materials, including PVC and feature a PVC helix reinforcement, to suit different applications and water sources. They are essential for securing a reliable water supply for irrigation, making it possible to transport water over various distances to meet the needs of agricultural fields, gardens, and other watering systems.

Spirabel GMDS pump suction hose is manufactured by Tricoflex.

Pump Suction Hose

Flexible suction hose brings water from the tank or water source to the pump

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