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Polythene Enduramaxx Tanks are maintenance free UV stabilised HDP tanks with an 18″-24″ screw access hatch and threaded outlets. Sizes available between 1250l – 20000l.

Enduramaxx Ltd is a leading UK manufacturer of plastic water tanks. With over 40 sizes of plastic tanks for water storage, Enduramaxx work within many industries across the UK offering a fast, easy and supportive experience to a diverse customer base.

ISO 9001 & UKAS accreditations provide quality and product guarantees offering clients total peace of mind when specifying, sourcing and installing Enduramaxx products.

Polythene Enduramaxx Tanks will be delivered direct from the manufacturer and need large lorry access and unloading facilities. Craned or remote deliveries (areas outside central England and also into central London) will be charged extra.


NB Water Regulations require irrigation tanks to have a weir type AB overflow

EWTX1250 Capacity: 1250l (278 gal) dia. x h mm: 1200 x 1200 outlet 1.5″M NON POTABLE

EWTX2500 Capacity: 2500l (550 gal) dia. x h mm: 1400 x 1800 outlet 1.5″M NON POTABLE

EWTX5000 Capacity: 5000l (1100 gal) dia x h mm: 1900 x 2200 outlet 2″M NON POTABLE

EWTX10K Capacity: 10000l (2100 gal) dia x h mm: 2400 x 2500 outlet 2″M  NON POTABLE

EWTX12K Capacity: 12500l (2640 gal) dia x h mm: 2600 x 2650 outlet 2″M POTABLE

EWTX20K Capacity: 20800l (4575 gal) dia x h mm: 2600 x 4130 outlet 2″M POTABLE

Polythene Enduramaxx Tanks

Polythene water storage tanks for irrigation and rainwater harvesting systems

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