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The compression fitting C spanner is designed to tighten the outer grip ring of compression fittings. Manufactured in plastic.

Fits 16-40mm polythene pipe compression fittings.

Using a C spanner with compression fittings for polythene pipe is a straightforward process:

  1. Ensure Safety: Turn off the water supply to the fitting to prevent any accidents or water spillage.
  2. Align C Spanner: Place the spanner around the body of the compression fitting with the notched side facing the compression nut.
  3. Apply Force: Apply a clockwise force on the spanner while holding the compression fitting stationary. This tightens the compression nut onto the polythene pipe, creating a secure, leak-free connection.
  4. Do not over-tighten: Be cautious not to over-tighten, which could damage the fitting or the pipe.

Proper use of a C spanner ensures a reliable seal in polythene compression fittings.

Compression Fitting C Spanner

Spanner for tightening compression fitting rings

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