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The Hunter MP rotator adaptor allows Hunter MP rotator sprinkler nozzles to be fitted to BSP threads. The adaptor has a 1/2″ BSPF thread. allowing it to be screwed on to 1/2″ male fittings.

The adaptor allows the sprinklers to be used for watering standing out beds and nursery stock beds, where the very even distribution of the water and the rain-like water droplets make it ideal for getting the water right into the heart of the plants. The finger-like spray pattern also makes it suitable for standing out beds in more exposed locations and by using a triangular spacing the water will be applied to the bed from both sides, minimising the effects of wind drift.

The MP side strip nozzles can be set to water a bed width of between 1.2m and 1.8m. On the example illustrated below, the bed width is 5ft (1.5m) and the spacing 4.6m for the two corner sprinklers (KHMPLH or RH) and 9.1m between the centre strip sprinkler (KHMPSS). If the MP rotator adaptor is used, the sprinklers can be fitted to risers with 1/2″ male threads. Otherwise 16mm pipe can be used.

Hunter MP rotator side strip sprinkler

Last image shows the MP rotator in use on a nursery. As well as the sprinkler and the adaptor a FPTN3-2 nipple is needed and a FRF16-3 connector to connect to a 16mm pipe riser. A FPCM16 clip fits the pipe to the post.

MP rotator adaptor

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