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Irrigation Pipe Repair Plugs allows small holes or incorrectly punched holes in low pressure watering pipes to be easily to be repaired.

One of the advantages of thin walled polythene pipe is the ability to punch the side wall to fit a dripper or a take-off for a mini sprinkler. However, sometimes the sprinkler needs to be moved, or is no longer required. In this case the 5mm repair plug will simply push into the hole.

The plugs can also be used where there is damage to the pipe – if necessary, use a 4mm hole punch to clean the hole before inserting the plug – it is important to remove any swarf from the hole otherwise the pipe will not be able to properly seal around the plug. These plugs are also called ‘goof plugs’ as they are ideal where you have made a mistake punching a hole in the wrong place. Always keep a big in your irrigation toolbox just in case!

If the hole is too large for the repair plug, cut out 1cm of the pipe and then fit a straight barbed connector or a Pozilock fitting. If the are multiple holes in the pipe, such as from bite marks from rodents or foxes, use a short length of polythene pipe and a couple of straight connectors.

Irrigation Pipe Repair Plugs are supplied in bags of 100.

Irrigation Pipe Repair Plugs

Bag of goof plugs for repairing holes.

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