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The Ottima PC360 dripper with stake is a pressure compensated dripper making it ideal for larger pots and planters where more water is required. The Ottima PC360 sprays over a wider diameter than a traditional dripper, reducing water run-through on hanging baskets and large tubs. The relatively high flow rate is also useful when watering trees in large containers, as these require a large amount of water each day.

Drip watering for container-grown trees is crucial for several reasons. It delivers water directly to the root zone, promoting healthier, well-established root systems. It minimizes water wastage, prevents foliage diseases, and reduces maintenance. Drip irrigation also allows precise control of moisture levels, ensuring the optimal growth and vitality of trees in containers while conserving water resources.

The Ottima PC360 is manufactured by Teco. Teco Irrigation is a company specializing in irrigation solutions, equipment, and services. They offer a range of products for efficient water management, including irrigation systems, pumps, and accessories. Teco Irrigation focuses on providing solutions for agricultural, residential, and commercial irrigation needs, contributing to water conservation and effective land cultivation.

Ottima PC360 Dripper with Stake Technical Data
  • Watered area approx. 0.25m diameter.
  • Flow: 30 l/h.
  • Pressure: 1.5 – 3.0 bar.

Connect onto a 16mm or 20mm low density supply pipe using small bore pipe – use P13-20M
Requires 3mm punch – see p5; for a barbed connector into 16mm or 20mm pipe use DNIP

Available in packs of 10 or 100.


Ottima PC360 Dripper with Stake

Pressure compensated dripper for larger pots

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