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The Netafim CNL Dripper is designed to provide ultra reliable, pressure compensated watering even in harsh conditions.

CNL dripper features:

  • Labyrinth design with maximum filtration area
  • Continuously self cleaning dripper
  • Silicon injection moulded diaphragm

When you need precise drip irrigation for greenhouses, vineyards and orchards with uneven land or irregular plant spacing, PC Online pressure-compensated drippers deliver a uniform flow rate no matter how difficult your topographical or water conditions.

  • HIGHER, BETTER QUALITY YIELDS: 100% uniformity of water and nutrient delivery over a broad pressure range ensures uniform crop yields and bigger harvests.
  • CLOGGING RESISTANCE: Continuous self-flushing technology ensure consistent flow-rates and flawless operation – even with harsh water.
  • EASY TO SCALE: Number of drippers can be easily increased ensuring sufficient water to meet your tree growth rate requirements.
  • MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY: Micro-tubes allow drippers to be positioned exactly where required, and split into several drip outlets if needed.
  • ANTI-DRAIN MECHANISM (in LCNL & HCNL models): Eliminates drainage & refill effect, and improves efficiency during pulse irrigation

Which model Netafim CNL dripper should I choose?

Drippers are available in two operating pressures, with the HCNL having a higher shut off pressure, making them better suited to sloping sites.

PC Online drippers: Orchard and on-surface dripline with harsh water conditions

PC-LCNL drippers: Greenhouses and nurseries with Anti Drain mechanism and low shutoff pressure.

PC-HCNL drippers: Greenhouse and nurseries with Anti Drain mechanism and high shutoff pressure.

LCNL operating pressure: 1.0 – 4.0 bar
HCNL operating pressure: 1.4 – 4.0 bar

Use with Netafim 4-way manifold or single dripper outlet.

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Netafim CNL Dripper

Pressure compensated CNL dripper


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