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The Netafim Dripper, Lead and Cap is ideal where individual drippers need to be shut off. The dripper can either rest on the compost, or be staked. Pressure compensated CNL nozzle.

Dripper nozzles with shut-off caps are particularly useful in nursery and garden centre situations where a plant or tree may be sold. If the tree bay is left vacant then water is wasted – in this situation the cap can be fitted to stop water loss.

Netafim is a pioneering company in drip irrigation systems, revolutionizing global agriculture. Their innovative technology delivers precise water and nutrient delivery to plant roots, conserving resources, increasing yields, and promoting sustainable farming. Netafim’s solutions are trusted worldwide for their efficiency, environmental benefits, and improved crop quality.

Netafim CNL (Continuous Non-Leak) drippers are innovative components in drip irrigation systems. These self-cleaning emitters provide a reliable, uniform flow of water to plant roots. The CNL technology prevents clogging and leakage, enhancing water distribution efficiency, crop yields, and reducing maintenance needs. Netafim’s CNL drippers are trusted for precision irrigation.

Netafim Dripper, Lead and Cap Technical Data
  • Pre-assembled 2l/h dripper, lead, nipple and cap.
  • Pressure compensated CNL dripper
  • Available in packs of 25 and 100

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Netafim Dripper Lead and Cap

Dripper system with removable cap to allow individual drip nozzles to be turned off. Ideal for sales areas


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