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T tape TSX 510 drip irrigation tape is ideal for larger scale field crops and is one of the most popular drip tapes. Drip irrigation tapes are designed for low cost, field scale watering. This thicker T-tape is suitable to be moved or reused.

The best water application by far: Closer dripper spacing gives you uniformity of water distribution as the water has less lateral distance to travel to reach all the entire plants’ root zones. T-Tape helps make your choice of emitter spacing an agronomic decision, not one based on your bank account.

The best clogging resistance by far: Extra long filtration area gives greater resistance to clogging and with up to to 211 inlets per dripper that work as micro-filters, it means that in the event that one fails, there are ample to take its place. T-Tape utilizes a unique reverse chevron labyrinth, which creates maximum agitation to minimize clogging, and the knife cut outlet closes on shutoff, to prevent the ingress of particulates.

The best strength by far: Double Seam = Double the strength for hassle free installation and easy mechanical retrieval after use.

T tape TSX 510 drip tape manufactured by Rivulis Irrigation.

Wall thickness: 250 micron Reel length: 1829m, 20cm and 500l/h also available in 375m length. Available with 20cm spacing . Operating pressure: 0.55 bar


TSX 510 T-Tape

T-tape for heavy or rocky soil, where insects are a problem, or where it is to be moved.

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