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The polyphosphate descaler is a cartridge based system to reduce the effect of hard water on irrigation systems, it is especially useful for mist propagation systems where the build-up of limescale on the leaves of cuttings and seedlings is unsightly and reduces photosynthesis. It is a lower cost alternative to injecting Nitric Acid into the irrigation system.

The cartridge body plumbs into the irrigation line before the mist propagation lines and uses a replaceable cartridge to treat up to 1,000m3 of water. The filter body is manufactured from robust polyethene and is pressure rated to 6.5 bar, allowing it to be located on the pressure side of the mist propagation system.

How does the polyphosphate descaler work?
The filter uses small quantities of polyphosphates (derived from phosphoric acid) to act as a ‘crystal modifier’. Polyphosphates are salts or esters of polymeric oxyanions formed from tetrahedral PO4 (phosphate) structural units linked together by sharing oxygen atoms. By modifying the crystal structure these compounds will not precipitate into scale and actually stay in solution. This means that leaves are less affected by limescale build up.

Max Flow: 2,000 l/h Max pressure: 6.5 bar ¬†Inlet/Outlet: 1″F

Polyphosphate cartridge must be replaced every 6 months or 1,000m3 of water. Sediment pre-filter recommended.

Polyphosphate Descaler

1″ F Polyphosphate Descaler with Cartridge

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