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The Amber mist nozzle is designed for mist propagation and has a stainless steel jet and anvil for a long life. The nozzle operates at a relatively high pressure of 3.5 bar to atomise the mist into fine droplets. It has a anti-drip option for upside down use, and has a glass filled nylon outer frame.

By producing a very fine mist spray, the tops of the leaves are kept moist, reducing moisture losses from the leaves. The nozzle was originally developed by Access Irrigation in conjunction with the Amber Light Engineering Company and went on to become the ‘standard’ nozzle for mist propagation systems.

The Amber nozzle has a 1/2″ BSPM thread and ideal pressure 3.5 bar. Use 20mm PVC pipe to link sprinklers.

Recommended bed widths
0.6mm tip – Risers 1.0m – Overhead 1.0m Output: 25l/h
0.8mm tip –  Risers 1.5m – Overhead 1.5m Output: 46 l/h

Amber Mist Nozzle

High quality ultra-fine mist propagation nozzle

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