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Designed for Market Garden and smaller Nursery watering operations, this package consists of a 5,000 litre water storage tank with submersible pump, 50m of underground supply pipe and two standpipes.

With a pumped system running off a storage tank a nursery will have a stable pressure and flow which will generally be much higher than available from the mains. This allows watering to be completed more quickly, especially important during the busy season.

The water tank also includes a Type AB air gap kit to provide compliance with the Water Regulations, which prohibit the direct connection of irrigation equipment to the public water main.

In addition to hand watering with a lance (not included in package) the system allows valve boxes to be added to the nursery watering system for automatic control and sprinkler risers can be installed to water larger areas such as standing out areas or tunnels.

Polythene tank capacity 5,000l. Dimensions: 1900mm diameter, 2185mm high.

The submersible pump has a built-in non return valve and a connection for a floating inlet. Flow (m3/hr): 4.2@20m, 3.0@30m, 1.4@40m In/Out: 1″ BSPF kW: 1.2 FLC amps: 4.8 Cable: 15m

Pipework: 50m with tee and 2 standpipes with fittings.

Small nursery standpipe system

Small nursery standpipe package providing a pressurised water supply to 2 standpipes. Pump and tank to comply with the Water Regulations.

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