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The Cobra sprinkler sled base is an irrigation sprinkler sled is designed to water gardens, lawns and grassed areas of parks and sports pitches.

The sled base is manufactured from heavy duty steel tube, powder coated in dark green. The riser is very stable and is 30cm tall. A range of sprinkler nozzles can be added to the sled base to allow different diameter areas to be watered. The recommended sprinkler for this base is the Naan 5022U sprinkler as gives a 19m watering diameter with a low water consumption.

Lawn sprinklers offer numerous benefits for maintaining a lush, healthy lawn. Firstly, they ensure even water distribution, preventing overwatering or under-watering. This promotes robust root growth and minimizes the risk of diseases. Sprinklers also save time and effort, automating the watering process and allowing for precise scheduling. Additionally, they enhance the efficiency of water usage, reducing water wastage compared to manual methods. Lawn sprinklers contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of a property by maintaining vibrant greenery. With programmable features, they adapt to specific lawn requirements and conserve water, making them an eco-friendly choice for sustainable landscaping practices.

Cobra sprinkler sled base technical specification
3/4″ threads at either end.
Geka type hose connection – this can be swapped for a snap connector for domestic garden watering.

Cobra Sprinkler Sled Base

Heavy duty steel riser, coated in dark green. The riser is very stable and is 30cm tall.

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