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The Mini Spin Sprinkler nozzle has twin water jets to provide exceptionally good coverage with a very low water consumption. By keeping the precipitation rate low compost compaction is reduced and larger areas can be watered at one time. The two horizontally opposed water jets also make the sprinkler ideal for for windy sites.

These emitters are the most advanced and time proven mini sprinklers with unique patented mechanism, firm construction without a bridge for uniform distribution and excellent performance even in difficult conditions.

    • Unique patented mechanism with strong propulsion
    • Smooth operation even in harsh conditions.
    • Firm construction without a bridge-Uniform water distribution.
    • Anti-insect design – Swivel seals the nozzle once the water is shut off.
    • Integral nozzle filter – Protects the nozzle from debris in the water.

Uses the Eindor taper system, this simple push fit systems withstands high pressures, making it quick and easy to change nozzles. All of the nozzles are colour coded to allow easy identification. Operating range: 1.4 – 2.2 bar. Nominal flow: 2 bar pressure.

Available in packs of 10 or 100

Mini Spin Sprinkler Specifications
40l/h (silver) Recommended bed width – 2.2m Sprinkler spacing: 2.0m
70l/h (black) Recommended bed width – 3.0m Sprinkler spacing: 2.5m
105l/h (blue) Recommended bed width – 3.2m Sprinkler spacing: 2.5m
120l/h (red) Recommended bed width – 4.0m Sprinkler spacing: 3.0m

Mini Spin Sprinkler

Medium diameter sprinkler for border and nursery use. Economical water flows

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