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Pipe chamfering tool for pipe 16mm-63mm MDPE and HDPE pipes. Bevels the end of the pipe for easier fitting into compression fittings.

Chamfering plastic pipes before fitting compression fittings is crucial for a secure, leak-free connection. This process removes any rough edges or burrs, ensuring the pipe slides smoothly into the fitting. It also prevents damage to the compression ring or O-ring, guaranteeing a watertight seal. Proper chamfering not only enhances the durability and effectiveness of the connection but also reduces the risk of leaks, saving time, money, and potential damage that could result from improper sealing in plumbing and irrigation systems.

Pipe chamfering tool manufactured by Plas-fit from heavy duty plastic with a replaceable metal blade.

Pipe Chamfering tool

Chamfering tool to make fitting pipe easier

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