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The Irrigation Pipe Marking Tape complies with WRAS requirements to label all underground irrigation pipes. 250m roll designed to be laid in the irrigation trench on top of the irrigation pipe, so that the contents of the pipe can be easily identified. This prevents the connection of the incorrect pipework – for example connecting a drinking water supply to an irrigation pipe.

WRAS, short for Water Regulations Advisory Scheme, ensures water fittings comply with UK water supply regulations. It assesses products for quality, safety, and efficiency to prevent contamination and waste. WRAS approval signifies adherence to standards, boosting consumer confidence in products like taps, showers, and valves, promoting water conservation and public health.

Some water companies require pipe marking for underground pipes to be to BS1710, so it is important to double check with the local Water Supplier.

BS1710 is a standard that specifies identification colours and codes for pipelines and associated equipment in the UK. It provides a system for labelling pipes to convey information about their contents, facilitating safety, maintenance, and operational procedures. The standard helps prevent accidents and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements.

Irrigation Pipe Marking Tape technical spec:
Roll size: 250m
Material: Polythene
Background colour: White
Roll weight: 2.4kg

Irrigation Pipe Marking Tape

Irrigation pipe marking tape

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