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50mm Above Ground Supply Pipe is designed for low pressure irrigation systems in horticultural nurseries, garden centres, market gardens and flower nurseries. The 50mm pipe diameter gives a better flow through the pipe than smaller pipes, so is ideal for projects which require higher volumes of water to be supplied, such as over head tunnel watering or small standing out areas. The 50mm pipe MDPE pipe can be used underground in pedestrian traffic areas on nurseries and in large private domestic gardens where higher water flows are required.

Properties of low pressure irrigation pipe

Medium-Density Polyethylene (MDPE) irrigation pipes are indispensable tools in modern agriculture, engineered to efficiently transport water to crops. These pipes strike a balance between strength and flexibility, making them ideal for various irrigation systems. MDPE’s toughness allows these pipes to withstand the pressures of irrigation without compromising their structural integrity.

MDPE irrigation pipes are highly resistant to chemicals, corrosion, and UV radiation, ensuring longevity in outdoor environments. Their smooth interior minimizes friction, optimizing water flow while reducing energy consumption. These pipes are a cost-effective choice, contributing to sustainable farming practices. Additionally, MDPE’s recyclability aligns with eco-friendly principles, making it a smart choice for environmentally-conscious agricultural operations. In summary, MDPE irrigation pipes are essential assets in modern agriculture, promoting efficient water distribution and sustainable crop cultivation.

Fittings for 8 bar MDPE irrigation pipe

Fittings for 50mm Above Ground Supply Pipe are pipe compression fittings where the fitting grips the outside wall of the pipe and an ‘O’ ring seals the pipe. For this reason it is important to make sure the outside wall of the pipe is not scored or damaged before the fitting is placed onto the pipe. For take-off points for drip or sprinkler lines, pipe saddles can be used.

Technical Details:
Outside pipe diameter: 50mm
Wall thickness 3.0mm
Pressure rating: 8.0 bar
Available in 100M coils

Please note: Bulky items such as large coils of pipe attract an additional carriage charge and will take longer to be despatched.

50mm Above Ground Supply pipe

Medium density 50mm polythene pipe for above ground use

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